Mental health and wellness company focusing on evidence-based accessible psychedelic assisted psychotherapy to patients Numinus Wellness Inc. (TSE: NUMI) (OTCMKTS: NUMIF) announced having received a new federal license which allows the company to expand its research on psilocybin.

The company made this announcement on March 14 further adding the ‘Containment Level 2’ license will also support testing of for the study and sale of natural products.  This license comes after the company upgraded its Bioscience research facility.

Numinus says with this license it will be able to study pathogens and contaminants to identify optimal growth conditions for psilocybe mushrooms. It will also conduct bioassay studies using mammalian cell lines to analyze the bioactivity of different psychedelic compounds.

Thereafter, the company will begin pre-clinical studies using body fluids to investigate reactions in the human body to whole mushrooms and other natural formulations. This license will also contribute new data and natural psychedelics with intellectual property opportunities, additionally, it will increase revenue through contracted research services.

This biosecurity expansion will allow us to deeply understand not only the mechanisms behind psilocybe mushrooms and other naturally occurring psychedelic materials but also their interaction with the human body. By performing testing and validation at a highly precise level, we will advance both our own IP development of finished products and scaled production processes, as well as contract services and sale of materials to research and industry partners,” said the company’s chief science officer, Sharan Sidhu.

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