Biotechnology company focusing on clinical operations, developing and delivering psychedelic therapeutics to treat addictions and mental conditions Awakn Life Sciences Corp. (NOW: AWKN) (OTCQB: AWKNF) announced that its Awakn Clinics London has been granted Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) formal approval to begin treatments for addiction and mental health.

This approval comes as the third one for the company’s clinics located in London, the other two which are operational are located in Oslo-Norway and Bristol-UK.

These clinics are mandated with delivering ketamine-assisted therapy to treat addiction and multiple mental health disorders. Patients seeking treatment for alcohol use disorder will receive the company’s novel treatment protocol developed the recently published phase 2a/b clinical trial by Awakn Life Sciences.

The company’s chief executive officer, Anthony Tennyson, says after the approval from CQC the company will receive a schedule 2 license from the Home Office which will allow ketamine to be administered in the London clinic.

This is a very exciting moment for Awakn and for ketamine-assisted therapy overall as it starts to become a more accessible option for patients. Most importantly, it provides an effective treatment option for so many when other current therapies or treatments fall short. The CQC giving us this recognition again signals a positive direction for the UK and Europe toward embracing ketamine-assisted therapy as a mainstream treatment,” added the CEO.

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