Lawmakers from Georgia have passed a bill advocating for the creation of a psychedelic study committee which will be dedicated in investigating the therapeutic potential of psychedelics like psilocybin, MDMA, DMT among others. The house study committee will also be mandated with making recommendations for reforms.

This bill was brought forward by House Appropriations Public Safety Subcommittee Chairman Bill Hitchens (R) after which it was taken up by the House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee and got approved unanimously by through a voice note.

Everybody here would be in agreement that we are looking for opportunities to help serve veterans, and further their ability to be productive members after their service to this country,” said the panel’s chairman Rep. Heath Clark (R).

The proposal starts with a section which highlights the needs for effective treatments for major depressive disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder for military veterans. Rep. Josh Bonner (R) is more than convinced that the idea is an admirable project.

Veterans that are seeking treatment are willing to go wherever they believe there’s any possibility of success. I would certainly be in support of hosting that kind of success here in Georgia,” said Bonner.

In addition, the proposal also notes that the ‘current research on psilocybin trials excludes patients with a history of substance abuse, and research further indicates that psilocybin therapy can enhance sobriety-focused psychotherapy for addiction.’

The created committee will include; the chair of the House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee, two members of the state Department of Veterans Affair and two members appointed by the House Speaker, one of which would be named chair of the study panel.

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