Biotechnology company focused on research, development and commercialization of novel therapeutics based on naturally-derived psilocybin Mycotopia Therapies Inc. (OTCMKTS: TPIA) has entered into a partnership with Belgium based public policy specialist PsychedelicsEUROPE to speed its psychedelic research and develop new models of care subject to regulatory framework for the medicinal use of psychedelics for mental health across the European Union market.

PsychedelicEUROPE comprises of a team well vast with public affairs matters advocating for the establishment of an EU-wide regulatory framework that promotes medicinal use of psychedelic substances to the benefit of patient. The group is also fronting research under a safe and predictable environment.

In recent times, Europe’s commercial psychedelic healthcare ecosystem has been growing rapidly as research institutions, private companies and non-government organizations (NGOs) have been receiving support and capital from investors.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration and public health authorities in some countries have already formalized policies on psychedelic medicine while the EU is still on the process of coming up with policies for psychedelic compounds.

With ambitious regulatory initiatives, such as the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, or the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, we need to make sure that more focus and funding will be dedicated to innovative mental health solutions, like medicinal use of psychedelics. In Europe, our goal is to raise awareness about existing best practices in other countries amongst the EU policy makers and regulators to speed up the process,” said the Secretary-General of PsychedelicsEUROPE, Viktor Chvatal.

On the other side the chief executive officer of Mycotopia Therapies, Ben Kaplan, expressed how the company was grateful for getting the change to advance psychedelic across the European continent further adding that the company is doing its best to finalize the acquisition of botanical psilocybin pioneer, Ei.Ventures.

We are grateful to be able to have a role in advancing psychedelic therapy across Europe in a way that is consistent with sustainability principles while ensuring patient accessibility. We believe this partnership with PsychedelicsEUROPE will provide numerous opportunities to transform innovation into real treatments for patients across the EU and beyond. With that in mind, we look forward to collaborating with the rich academic and biomedical science community in the EU, as well as its world-class talent, to advance our commercialization efforts on our psychedelic assets,” said the CEO.

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