Psychedelics media company and educational resource and advocate for responsible use of psychedelics has announced a new look for 2022 the relaunch of the platform is already done leaving the website with overhauled and optimized for a better user experience.

The upgraded platform incorporates psychedelic-inspired art work and offers a brand new content on matters touching on philosophy and neuroscience.

The company seeks to interpret surveys submitted by users together with medical research to explore the true nature of mind-expanding substances and how they can be used to improve the lives of human beings.

Our goal is to provide the resources necessary to demystify these substances and give our readers the tools to use them effectively. We see psychedelics as a catalyst for change, something the world needs now more than ever,” said the creative director of Tripsitter, Justin Cooke.

The company’s team is well skilled and experienced in the psychedelic space, it declares that it will continue to publish new, insightful, and interesting content on topics concerning psychedelic culture, philosophy, chemistry, mental health and more.

The key to using psychedelics skillfully, rather than ineptly, is knowledge. You can’t use something correctly without understanding what it does or what makes it dangerous. We’re up for the task of equipping casual psychonauts and medical practitioners alike with the tools and information they need to use these substances safely and effectively,” added Cooke.

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