Activists from Colorado championing for the change of legal status of psychedelics across the state have collected tens of thousands of signatures to put the psychedelic reform on the state’s November ballot. One wing of the campaign says that they have already collected almost half of the needed signatures to qualify the measure.

A few months ago, Natural Medicine Colorado, a campaign backed by the national New Approach PAC filed several versions of reform initiatives before settling on one which it would move forward with. The measure would legalize psilocybin and create healing centers where people can access psychedelic therapies.

“We’ve been collecting signatures for about six weeks and have approximately 40 percent of the 124,632 signatures we need from voters to appear on the ballot this November. We’re excited to finalize our signature collection in the coming months and hit the ground running this fall to bring regulated access to natural medicine for Colorado,” said the chief practitioner of the campaign team, Kevin Matthews.

The measure seeks to decriminalize possession, cultivation and sharing of psilocybin without an explicit possession limit among adults aged 21 and above. Under the measure, the Department of Regulatory Agencies will be mandated with formulating rules for a therapeutic psychedelic program in which adults aged 21 and above could visit a licensed healing center and receive treatment from trained health personnel.

The proposal further says it will be legal to conduct psychedelic services for guidance, therapy and harm reduction and spiritual purposes with or without accepting payment it will however be illegal to sell psychedelics in the state.

The activists began collecting the signatures last month and they have ben hosting events across Colorado educating people about the initiative and sign the petition.

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