Drug discovery and development company specializing on developing optimized and patentable next generation psychedelics medicines to treat neurological and psychiatrist disorders with unmet conditions Mindset Pharma Inc. (CSE: MSET) (OTCQB: MSSTF) has progressed is Family 1 lead clinical candidate MSP-1014 towards clinical trials.

Not long ago, the company engaged a UK based Contact Research Organization (CRO) Clerkenwell Health to prepare for the first scientific meeting with regulators to discuss the company’s initial plans for clinical development.

MSP-1014, the company’s Family 1 lead candidate in preclinical studies demonstrated an improved efficacy and reduced side effects with safety profile compared to first generation drug candidate psilocybin.

Considering its improved pharmacological profile in preclinical models, the company has resolved to move forward with MSP-1014 to first in human (FIH) studies to confirm human safety, pharmacokinetic profiles and the effective human dose range.

At Mindset, we are working diligently to advance MSP-1014 through the regulatory process as quickly as possible. We have selected an expert CRO, Clerkenwell Health, to lead the initial scientific discussions with the regulators in the UK as we start to pull together our clinical plans. We’re invigorated by this next step and look forward to providing updates along the way,” said the company’s CEO, James Lanthier.

If MSP-1014 data checks out then Mindset will have one of the first novel psychedelic drugs in human clinical trials with the potential to treat disorders including; major depressive disorder (MDD), mood disorders and substance use disorder.

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