UK based innovative mental health care company offering clinical research support services and psychedelic-assisted therapies Clerkenwell Health will become the first company in London to start psilocybin trials after announcing that come August it will begin psilocybin trials to help patients suffering from terminal illnesses manage the anxiety which comes with the diagnosis.

The facility where the trials will be conducted is located near Harley Street, the company will be cooperating with companies from the United States and Canada which specialize on treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the cannabis and psychedelics sectors have been eyeing UK as a potential location for this kind of experimental research because UK is no longer subject to the rules and regulations of the European Medicines Agency and other regulatory bodies necessary to approve such research on a regional basis.

In recent times, there has been a renaissance in the medical research community globally in the psychedelics sector more particularly psilocybin. The studies have been picking up well resulting to decriminalization of psychedelics drugs in some US states a scenario which is slowly being duplicated in other parts as well.

Policies put in place to combat the war on drugs have been making it hard to conduct and progress psychedelic studies also securing required regulatory approvals and funding has also been another hurdle in conducting the studies.

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