Several days ago, Senator Larry Campbell from Canada disclosed that he has been microdosing with psilocybin to help battle depression. The Senator made the revelation during the Catalyst Psychedelics Summit held in the U.K last week.

Senator Campbell revealed that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and issued of ‘getting cold’. According to Campbell his normal depression mixture of anti-depressants was still leaving him with symptoms which made him grumpy.

During the pandemic, the Senator suddenly noticed that his mood was improving and he could not figure the reason behind it. After several weeks he mentioned it to his wife who admitted that she had been spiking his coffee with microdoses of psilocybin.

According to Campbell who has worked in drug reform for a long time as both the Mayor of Vancouver and a member of the Canadian Senate this admission was very timely.

At the moment, the Canadian government is ramping up efforts trying to figure out the best way possible to regulate the unavoidable wave of psychedelics more specific psilocybin. The health authorities in Canada has allowed several depression patients to use psilocybin under an experimental program called the Special Access Program (SAP) which authorizes  use of medicines currently not legal in Canada.

Similarly, back in May 2018 former U.S President Donald Trump, signed a similar right-to-try legislation allowing seriously ill patients to bypass Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the legislation covered both cannabis and psilocybin.

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