PSYC Corp. (OTCMKTS: PSYC) which operates Psychedelic Spotlight-a digital media outlet focusing on psychedelics news and information across the psychedelic medicine sector has entered into a partnership with The Spore Group (TSG) aimed at producing industry leading events and conferences for the emerging psychedelic sector.

The Spore Group in an organization focusing on closing the gap between education, legislation, regulation, and investing in psychedelics.

The partnership will bring together the valuable leadership experience of the TSG executive team with the substantial reach of psychedelic Spotlight across the psychedelic community. The companies will start their partnership with Sol Pschedelphia- a celebration of psychedelic renaissance which will be held at One Art Community Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Over the next coming months, the companies will work together on a variety of additional education-inspired events and conferences both in live and virtual format with an aim of creating informative and mind blowing conversations around the exciting potential of psychedelic-assisted therapies at the grass roots, community-focused level.

According to the partnership deal, Psychedelic Spotlight will leverage its branding, marketing and its expertise in content production to operate as the official promotional partner for any TSG events on which the company agrees to collaborate. This will enable PSYC to earn a percentage of gross revenue derived from any such events.

ā€œAs excited and optimistic as we are here at PSYC over the long-term value potential of the psychedelic space, we recognize the many challenges that are present in terms of exactly how psychedelic-assisted healing will develop a fully legal and effective pathway to accessibility and affordability within communities frequently left behind by Big Pharma. This partnership with TSG creates an opportunity for our companies to combine resources and work towards this shared goal in a far more effective manner than independently. Iā€™m also not overlooking the larger, long term value potential this partnership can deliver to each company through an array of additional collaboration opportunities worth exploring together in the second half of 2022,ā€ said the CEO of PSYC, David Flores.

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