Klee Irwin, the chief executive officer of manufacturer of health supplements Irwin Natural Inc. (CSE: IWIN) (OTCMKTS: IWINF) said that he will be making a presentation in the upcoming psychedelic Capital conference organized by Microdose.

Previously, Irwin, who is also the founder of Irwin Natural, delivered a successful speech at the Davos ’22 Medical Psychedelic Series. He will be making an appearance alongside Microdose founder Patrick Moher in what is expected to be a heated interview.

“By leveraging our status as a household brand known by over 100 million North Americans, we are working towards making this amazingly effective treatment more widely available and making this and other effective treatments accessible to those in need, not just to those who can afford it. We currently are witnessing a well above the linear growth rate for mental health issues in North America, and it is clear that conventional methods have only a limited impact. Something needs to happen. This something, I believe, is psychedelics assisted treatment and I am passionately driven to make Emergence by Irwin Naturals people’s trusted go-to partner for these treatments,” said Irwin.

Irwin is aiming at leading the company to penetrate the psychedelic market by launching ketamine clinics, Irwin Natural is looking forward to having the largest chain of clinics across the world offering ketamine treatment.

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