Pharmaceutical company engaging in development, cultivation, extraction, processing and distribution of functional mushrooms Optimi Health Corp. (CSE: OPTI) (OTCMKTS: OPTHF) announced having entered into an exploratory psilocybin supply agreement with ATMA Journey Centers (ATMA).

ATMA is a private owned company which facilitates psilocybin-assisted therapy and practitioner training services for palliative care and mental health conditions, the company has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.

Citing the chief executive officer of Optimi Health, Bill Ciprick, they have finalized an agreement which will supply psilocybin products to ATMA for future therapist initiatives and supply requirements.

Few organizations have made as significant a contribution in recent years to the evolving regulatory conversation around psilocybin-assisted therapy as ATMA Journey Centers. Optimi is deeply gratified to be able to provide them with this test supply of natural psilocybin in order to facilitate research that may lead to better mental health services for healthcare workers while testing the potential to expand the scale of available psilocybin therapies,” added the CEO.

The company is expected to capitalize on this partnership to advance its knowledge base of trained psychedelic therapists by offering learning experiences and real world data derived from direct administration of natural psilocybin products.

On the other side, the Co-CEO of ATMA, David Harder, views this partnership as a chance to polish approaches and improve efficiencies around the commercial distribution and clinical application of psilocybin.

The ability to conduct both experiential training for authorized therapists and the clinical trials that will allow us to provide these treatments to patients in need is dependent on a safe and consistent supply of high-grade psilocybin. This agreement is an important step toward ATMA’s goal of building a complete research and training infrastructure that will streamline further growth in these directions,” said Harder.

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