Biotechnology company focusing on research, extraction, formulation and delivery of psychedelics HAVN Life Sciences Inc. (CSE: HAVN) (OTCMKTS: HAVLF) announced having entered into a mushroom supply agreement with Jamaica based Green Stripe Naturals Ltd through its subsidiary Green Peak Growers Ltd. Green Peak is licensed cannabis producer.

As per the agreement, Green Stripe will distribute the psilocybin which will be sold at licensed dispensaries considering the legality status of psychedelic mushrooms in Jamaica.

Going forward, HAVN will start sending psilocybin mushrooms to Green Stripe Naturals to sell them in Jamaica. Green Stripe is among the first cannabis companies established in Jamaica, the company is exploring distributing its cannabis and psilocybin products to 14 local dispensaries.

We are very pleased to be partnering with Green Stripe Naturals, providing the highest quality standardized and naturally derived psilocybin containing mushrooms to their dispensary customers across Jamaica. We see many operational similarities between our two organizations and look forward to collaborating on building a network of trusted, plant-derived products to the Caribbean market and beyond,” said the CEO of HAVN Life, Tim Moore.

Additionally, Green Stripe expects to be supplying 35 dispensaries with its products before the wraps up. Both companies are also considering future partnerships in the future including expanding distribution into other Caribbean islands in which cannabis and psilocybin are considered legal.

On the other side, the CEO of Green Stripe, Wayne Isaacs, says this supply agreement deal provides the company with a premium source of psilocybin thus a great opportunity to create unique and special products based on market demand and backed by top-tier science.

And we are looking forward to working with their science and development teams to further enhance the product offering to serve both the retail and psilocybin retreat markets in Jamaica and the entire Caribbean region,” added Isaacs.

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