Psychedelic Access and Research European Alliance (PAREA) which is a non-profit making, multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary partnership bringing together medical associations, psychedelic foundations, patient organizations and scientific societies was officially launched on June 13.

‘Parea’ is a word derived from Greek which means to do something together. PAREA aims to become a venue for growth of human spirit and exploration of ideas to improve the quality of human life, change the perception about psychedelic assisted therapies, raise awareness of the scientific advances and more importantly bring better health to European citizens.

In recent times, breakthrough studies have been made in the psychedelic industry. The studies which will indeed change the life of patients for the better continue to emerge which each passing day.

Ketamine is already registered for the treatment of depression and it is highly anticipated that the U.S Food and Drug Administration will approve MDMA assisted therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) next year.

PAREA is coming together to address challenges experienced by mental health patients and those battling various forms of addictions. The organization is also seeking to provide evidence-based policy recommendations and expertise to the European Union policymakers.

Health innovations are meaningless if people can’t benefit from them directly. At the launch event, we will present PAREA Call to Action with key priority areas that should be addressed to make sure that the emerging psychedelic-assisted therapies will reach those who need them in Europe,” said PAREA’s chairman Prof. Gitte Moos  Knudsen.


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