Drug discovery company focused of developing psychedelics drugs which meet medical standards CaaMTech Inc. has entered into a partnership with University of Wyoming’s School of Pharmacy to study how psychedelics can be used to treat addictions.

This study will be led by Dr. Ana Clara Bobadilla, an assistant professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Wyoming and she will be heading the research on behalf of the University.

The collaboration with CaaMTech provides a great opportunity for the Wyoming biomedical community to work on cutting-edge therapeutics, as well as for local students to learn new preclinical models used in the lab. I am eager to investigate psychedelics as a potential therapeutic target a class of drugs that the substance abuse field might have overlooked for too long,” said Dr. Bobadilla.

The researcher from University of Wyoming will be evaluating next generation psychedelics drugs from the library of CaaMTech using several established preclinical addiction methods. Some of concluded studies have shown that mostly used psychedelics pose a little risk of abuse from addiction.

Recently conducted studies have been proving that psychedelics have the potential to treat addictions. The researchers will be evaluating CaaMTech’s library of compounds including dual cocaine a sucrose self-administration model developed by the Bobadilla Lab.

With this research collaboration, we aim to show that CaaMTech’s compounds have minimal risk of addiction and also tremendous potential for treating it. CaaMTech aims to increase the number of compounds with established therapeutic properties. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Bobadilla to advance our fundamental understanding of addiction and how to treat it,” said CaaMTech’s CEO, Dr. Andrew Chadeayne.

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