The City Council of Seattle has voted in favor of a proposal seeking to decriminalize possession and use of psychedelics in the city. Seattle becomes the latest entry in a list of United States cities which have taken such a move.

This move was sponsored by Seattle City Councilmember Andrew Lewis, who says this is just the first step among many others to come in efforts to change drug policies across the city.

Our overall goal is to follow the lead of Oregon. There’s a huge demonstrated potential for these substances to provide cutting-edge treatments for substance abuse, recovery from brain injuries. I want to make sure we’re following the science in our policies around regulating these substances,” said Lewis.

Seattle is now the ninth city in United States to take a step towards decriminalizing psychedelics. Others which have took a similar route include; Michigan, Washington, Denver, Ann Harbor among others.

Late last year, Oregon made history as the first state in America to legalize psilocybin for medical use.

During the meeting, over 12 individuals were invited to give their views on decriminalizing psychedelics substances in the city. Some of them explained how such rugs helped then quit some addictions like smoking and other personal hurdles.

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