The city of Port Townsend becomes the latest entry in the list of United States cities to decriminalize possession and use of natural psychedelics also known as entheogenic fungi and plants. The city approved this measure last week through a decision adopted unanimously by the city council of port Townsend.

The Washington State city goes down as the latest city to relax its rues on psychedelics substances. According to this approval, laws against natural psychedelic plants including peyote, magic mushrooms and ayahuasca will be given the lowest priority for law enforcement in the city.

This move also signifies the city’s support of decriminalization of psychedelics substances at a federal level additionally, it also stipulates that the abuse of controlled substances is perceived to be a public health issue.

The move by Washington city of coming up with the initiative comes after the city council of Seattle approves a similar measure also to decriminalize psychedelics substances back last year.

The Port Townsend Psychedelics Society helped in drafting this measure. The society is dedicated to decriminalizing natural psychedelics and it’s exploring the potential of using psychedelics to heal mental conditions and addictions.

During an interview the co-founder of Port Townsend Psychedelics Society, Erin Reading, said that they are excited by the approval of the measure to decriminalize psychedelics by the city as they have been working on the issue for two years.

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